COMPO #6 – 256 byte game compo

DEADLINE: 12:00 GMT 17th June 2016

1) No ROM routines (else their size will be added on)
2) No using the ROM as data.
3) Its whatever you can do in 256 bytes of code / data, basically the binary must be no more than 256 bytes.
4) HALT may be used to time with IM1, but nothing else such as system variables for keyboard can be used.

Entries should be emailed to with the subject “Z80ASM COMPO”

After the deadline anyone can vote, 3 points for their favourite, 2 points for their 2nd and 1 for 3rd (This may change depending on the number of entries). The entry with the most votes wins.

NOTE: This is not a challenge to make it the smallest, its a challenge to make it as good as possible in 256 bytes!


thanks to Adrian Brown

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